Snails 2.6

Riotous adventure game featuring crazy snails

Snails is a fun action-strategy game for the Pocket PC, PC, Palm OS, Handheld PC and Microsoft SmartPhone platform. The game features fantastic graphics, sounds, background music and gameplay.

Deep in Space, there lies the ancient planet of Schnoogie. On the planet of Schnoogie, there exist the three races of Snails: the Moogums, the Lupeez, and the Nooginz. One peaceful day on Schnoogie, something was wrong, very wrong. It was peaceful. And Snails hate peace. When peace happens, there is no war. And without war: destruction, mayhem, and alien invasions become obsolete. Which are the three things that the Snails thrive on (especially the Nooginz).

These three races have always been in a constant battle for world domination. A war which will decide who rules the planet of Schnoogie. On Earth, it is common knowledge that Snails are considered to be slow, but this is completely untrue on the planet of Schnoogie. In fact, they can run, jump, arm themselves with heavy artillery, and hurl insults at each other all day long. The planet Schnoogie needs a ruling race, and only you can lead the Snails to victory.


  • Incredible graphics, including professional art and animation that rivals even your favorite Saturday morning cartoon
  • Special effect eye-candy, like smoke trails, flames, vectors, alpha-blended sparks, explosions, and weather effects
  • Amazing audio, including professional music, hilarious sound effects, and voices tailored specifically for the game
  • Smooth gameplay, with intuitive controls, a clean interface, and at a consistently smooth frame rate
  • Three different snail races: The Moogums, Lupeez, and Nooginz! Each with their own personality, including: special animations, voices, texts, root beer preference, and culture
  • 10 unique levels ranging from the ancient desert sands, to the chilly snowfields, up into outer space, and down below the sea
  • Realistic physics including gravity and weather which affects the way your Snails move and the weapon's reactions to the environment. e.g. windy snow in the snowfields and zero gravity jumping in outer space
  • Extra add-on levels for registered users
  • 25 destructive weapons including pistols, machine guns, staple guns, rockets, dynamite, grenades, napalm, tear gas, C4, air strikes, animals and more
  • Humorous weapons including the cartoon anvil drop and the infamous exploding toad, Monsieur Frog

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Snails 2.6